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LMIHubsites lets any lawyer or mediator create beautiful websites from ready-made templates or have them custom made. Signup below and starting creating.

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Lawyers & Mediators can self-design sites in a matter of minutes and have them hosted affordably through LMIHubsites. 
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LMIHubsites are built with engagement in mind, whether it’s an Essenstials site or one integrated with AI that provides communicates with users 24 hours a day.

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About LMI Hubsites

What are “Hubsites”

A hubsite is a new take on traditional websites, which most people still only use as either a virtual phone book so clients can look them up, or a virtual billboard to publicize a brand in cyberspace. Hubsites are websites setup to actually work for the creator and not be just another virtual flyer on the web.   

Hubsites are not just advertisements  pages but work spaces that meet clients’ expectations and simplifies the business’ owner’s expectations through the use of technology, whether that’s basic tech like call-to-action prompts or fully conversational AI chatbots that provide relevant information.   


Create Your Hubsite in Minutes

Sample Demos Sites To Clone Instantly

Visit sample sites below. Clone what you like and customize it to suit your brand. 

Lawyer 1

A dark-themed lawyer’s site depicting confidence, seriousness, and formality, with large fonts to grab visitors’ attention.  

Mediator 1

A professional homepage that indicates a  focus on, resolving family conflicts, in a positive and motivational manner.

Lawyer 2

A clean and organized site to display professionalism and competence, and in this instance emphasizing a dedication to a legal service.

Pricing For Hosted HubSites

Cancel anytime. Upgrade or downgrade anytime.

Reasons You Need LMIHubsites

Meet Client Expectations

Modern clients now judge professionals like lawyers and mediators by the quality and content of their websites. It’s not enough to just have site. You need a good one that grabs attention and provides informative content to potential clients. 

Project Your Professional Image:

A personal website made for lawyers or mediators projects a more professional image, demonstrating dedication and a modern approach to your career. It’s the best way to establish your personal brand. Your site is also the essential platform to showcase highlights, accomplishments, experiences, and skills. It’s the best place to make that first impression when clients inevitably Google you. Hubsites attempt to do just that in the most practical possible.

Controlled Online Presence:

A lawyer or mediator inspired site allows you to control the narrative about your professional life, ensuring that the information available about you online is accurate and up-to-date. Internet anonymity no longer exists for professionals servicing the public. Ensure the content about your is what you want the public to see. Do it all through your hub.

Showcase Your Work:

Your lawyer or mediator website is also a blog, vlog, and newsletter all in one. LMIHubsites are specifically built off WordPress’s blog platform for that very reason.

Gain Networking Opportunities

Your lawyers and mediators international hubsite can become your networking hub, making it easier for others in the industry to find and connect with you. Your site is not just a modern phone-book. It’s international as well and can expand your reach far beyond traditional local boundaries.

Educate the Public & Build a Following:

You lawyers and mediators site, through proper blogging or vlogging can educate others about your field of expertise, which can establish you as an authority in your area.

Get Found, Get Booked, and Get Paid:

LMIHubsites help mediators integrate online maps, online calendars, and payment platforms to help convert potential clients and onboard new ones in the most efficient ways possible, whether on PC or smartphone.